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Endorsements and Testimonials

"I had the privilege of trying one of the first jury trials over which Judge Chris Wolfe presided. He was then, as he is today, thoughtful and considerate. He carefully listened to arguments and reviewed precedent in making his decisions. He has an even temperament particularly suited for the bench, and he upholds the law without legislating from the bench. There is no finer candidate for the 213th District Court."
—Benson Varghese

"Judge Wolfe’s judicial demeanor is impeccable- hardworking, thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate. It has been an honor to practice law before him and I wholeheartedly support his reelection to the court."
—Lisa Mullen

"Judge Wolfe is an excellent judge of great integrity, whose every decision on the bench is guided by principles of fairness and the faithful interpretation of the law."
—William Biggs

"Our judges should demand respect for the law and show reverence for human dignity. As a prosecutor and judge, Chris Wolfe has worked with a servant’s heart. Compassion and empathy make his courtroom a harbor where victims and the accused can be heard and find justice. There is a rare goodness in him that makes him one of the finest judges to have taken the bench.”
—Codey Cofer

"The citizens of Tarrant County were blessed two years ago when Governor  Abbott made an outstanding decision in appointing Judge Chris Wolfe to preside over the 213th District Court.  Since  taking the bench Judge  Wolfe has been outstanding. He is fair to all parties and litigants.  He shows appropriate respect to everyone who appears before him.   He is faithful to the law.   He moves his docket with dispatch.  Simply stated, Judge Wolfe is everything a judge should be.”   
-Mark Daniels

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